Visit Boris website why would I use the Send Reports function if I have ticked the box to Automatically send back finished reports?

Even if you have set the template to automatically send the form back (Maintain Templates, click on the template, then on the “Template: xxx” line at the top and, in the first tab, tick “Automatically send back finished reports”), the Send Reports function on the device is useful.

If there is no connection available when such a form is released from the device then it will try again a few minutes later.  Further failures will cause further re-tries with diminishing frequency meaning that a form will come back “by itself” eventually, but if users are operating in a zero signal area for any length of time it could be delayed even after they have returned to a strong signal area.  

Therefore, Send Reports should be used at the end of the day and at regular intervals if your network connection is intermittent, particularly if a report is urgent or unexpectedly delayed.  This will force through any reports that are awaiting a re-try, and avoid confusion over any reports which are not set to go back automatically.

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