Visit Boris website I have a form that needs to be sent to one of a number of people, depending on the answer to a drop-down list question. This can’t use contacts etc because they aren’t related to the location as such, just to the particular form that’s been filled in.

The only way I can think of to do the four alternate e-mails is as follows:

· Create a list containing the 4 different contractors and add an item into the template to put this list on the form. Give it a unique name of, say, contractor

· In your list you’d have something like:

o Contractor A

o Contractor B etc

· Create a normal e-mail that will send to the customer and also one of the contractors (so in the “address to send e-mail to” you’d have something like

· Then in the “Conditions (advanced)” page put in a condition like resultValue;contactor;equals;Contractor A

· Test it out with one of your own e-mail addresses and check that the e-mail is only sent when Contractor A is entered on the form

· Once you’re happy that it works OK for contractor A, right click on the action and use Duplicate.

· In the new action, change the e-mail address to be that for Contactor B and change the condition to be resultValue;contactor;equals;Contractor B

· And so on

· NB. The spelling and spaces in the “resultValue” bit need to exactly match what’s in the drop-down list

It’s a bit messy but I think it’d work well.



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