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Before you start
  1. Do the menu items for follow-up actions already appear in the Reports menu? If not, request support to set them up.  You will need to specify which users need access to these menu items (eg. customers, administrators, etc).
  2. What list will be used to trigger the follow-up screens on the device and which answer will be the 'positive' one? Identify the list will you use and allocate one to response to be 'positive' and therefore not trigger a follow-up screen on the device.
  3. What timescales would you like associated with your follow-ups? Identify or create a list containing the timescales that you wish to use.  Items within the list will contain informative text such as '1hr', '2 working days', '1 week', '6 months' and will be selected by the device user when the follow-up screen is triggered.
Why would I need to view and record follow-up actions?
Common uses include
  1. Monitor responses to audit failures
  2. Record actions not triggered within Boris
  3. Administration of follow-up visits or work
  1. Step 1. Prepare your lists
  2. Step 2. Set up your template to use follow-ups
  3. Step 3. Collect data using the device
  4. Step 4. View the reports and action follow-ups
Step 1. Prepare your lists
  1. Keep the list short, just 2 or 3 items (eg. Low/medium/high, pass/fail/re-visit, yes/no/don't know, etc).
  2. Where possible use images or icons (eg. smiley/frowny/neutral faces, tick/cross, thumb up/down/horizontal) to make things clearer for the device user.
  3. Make sure that the 'positive' list item is at the top of the list.  If it isn't already, click on 'Rearrange Items' and, in the resulting pop-up box, drag the list entries in to the required order.  Save this arrangement.
Step 2. Set up your template to use follow-ups
  1. Open or create your template - if you are unsure about creating templates go to Template for help on setting one up.
  2. You will need to include a multiple-choice Item type to be filled out on the device and Template Actions so that follow-ups are properly handled when the report has been completed.
  3. Click on the template name ("Template: [name]") and select the Contraventions tab.  Tick the first box to alert the template to collect follow-up information and select the required timescale list from the drop-down list.  More help with Contraventions.
  4. Create or modify the multiple-choice question that will trigger the follow-up.  Tick the box for "Prompt for findings/actions for results".  Default findings can be attached to list items from the tab with that name.
  5. In Template Actions find "When a report becomes available for sign-off (Complete)" and click "Add action".  Select Status update from the menu.
  6. Create an action called (for example) "Move to follow-up folder if there is some" and select 'Awaiting follow-up' from the drop-down list of available statuses. If it doesn't appear in this list, contact Boris support to have it included.
  7. In the Conditions tab enter "hasFollowUp;;equals;True" in the Conditions (1) prompt and Save.
  8. Create another 'Status update' Template Action under "When a report becomes available for sign-off (Complete)".  Call it (for example) "Move to finished if there is no follow-up" and select 'Finished' from the drop-down list.  Enter a condition of "hasFollowUp;;equals;False" and save.
Step 3. Collect data using the device
  1. After amending the template the device will need to Receive Updates for these changes to be incorporated.
  2. This is how a horizontal, non-image multiple-choice prompt will look.  As you can see, selecting the leftmost (or top) item does not trigger the follow-up screen.
  3. Selecting either of the other two options activates the Finding (or follow-up) screen in to which text can be added and a timescale selected from a list.  Further actions, findings and photos can be added.  Remember that Default findings can be attached to list items as above.
Step 4. View the reports and action follow-ups
  1. Forms with follow-ups will go to “Awaiting follow up” status (accessible through the reports menu).
  2. When the form is opened an alert follow-ups exist for this form will appear next to the summary information.  Clicking on the hyperlink will trigger the list of follow-up items.
  3. The follow-up items are displayed along with the action required and the timescale.  A hyperlink enables the follow-up to be marked as complete, at which point it will be replaced by the username of the person who marked it as complete along with the date and any comments.
  4. Once all actions have been completed a “Mark as finished” button is shown to move the form to the “Finished follow-up” folder.
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