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Sample Setup menu

Sample Setup menu

Standard documents are a specialised type of list.

To access the Standard documents list:

Choose the SetupStandard documents menu option (contact Boris if you need this option enabled).

The initial view shows the set of lists defined on the system, as shown on the left.

Click (left mouse button) on an individual line to edit the item. 

Right click (click the right mouse button) to chose from other options such as delete.

Standard documents list

As for lists, click on the Add button and you will be asked to enter the details of your document. These details can be modified in the future by clicking on the meaningful description of the document.

It is also possible to view the attached document by clicking on the hyperlink.

Attached documents can be removed by clicking on delete.

Add Document - Main

Main screen for adding a Standard document
*Description A descriptive text to identify this item
Associated numeric value/score

A integer associated with the list entry.  This could be a price (entered in pence) or a score for a risk assessment or other calculation.  This will be used if the corresponding list entry is selected when filling out the form.

This field is not used under these circumstances so anything entered here will be disregarded.

Cascading child list

This is a different list associated with a particular list entry that will become available if that list entry is selected.  If the list entry being edited is Product Type A (from within a list of Product Types) then the cascading child list might include all the products that have a Product Type of A.  This would mean that when Product Type A was selected in the parent list, Products of Type A would populate the prompt for the child list.

A common example is when searching for a particular car.  An initial list would contain manufacturers and, on selection of (say) the Ford list entry, a second list (the cascading child list) would become populated with models (with list entries such as Cortina, Focus, Fiesta, Ka, Escort).  To extend the example, each of the model list entries might have a further cascading child list containing items such as Zetec, Titanium, Style, etc or MKI, MKII, etc.

To make this work on a template, two list Item types (most commonly drop-down list) need to be linked through the Item 'unique name' of parent item in the Advanced tab.  If subsequent levels are required, the unique name of the first child list becomes the named parent list of the next level.  In the above example, the model list names the unique name of the manufacturer list and the model style list names the unique name of the model list as a parent.

This field is not used under these circumstances so anything entered here will be disregarded.

Attach a Standard document - Additional attributes

Attaching an e-mail template to an entry in the e-mail templates list.
Associated image or document Click on this hyperlink to open the Upload Files popup box.
Select Click on this button to open a Windows dialogue box to select the file you wish to use.
Save Click on this button to save your selected file and return to the List entry box.
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