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Section - splitting up a page

Sections break up the page into paragraph type structures with headings and contain a set of related questions to be answered by the user.

Typically, a section corresponds to a heading within a report so needs to be designed with the end reader in mind (often a customer). These headings may or may not be displayed on the report and a whole section can be suppressed from the device or from a report.

For example, Freezer Hygiene could be a section containing 5 or 6 individual questions within a full kitchen inspection and would appear on both device and report. Health and Safety guidelines regarding access to a particular area of a building or an internal costing matrix would appear on the device but not on the report. Terms and conditions, disclaimers and other large quantities of text would appear on the report but might be too cumbersome for the device.


Main details for a section
*Description Enter the text that will be used as the heading for this section - it will appear in bold.
Layout of questions When displaying forms on a device, Boris tries to present the information to the user in a sensible and logical manner. This default behaviour is given the name “Automatic” in this drop-down list. If you would like to control the behaviour of the form layout yourself then you may choose another value. Each item can be thought of as consisting of a question and an answer. The choices for this field correspond to how these questions and answers are laid out on the form. You may specify whether one line or two are used and how the fields are aligned.

Note that some items such as text boxes set to “full screen width” may override the value you choose here.
*Unique name

The unique name must be entered for each item and is a mandatory field. The name is used internally and so is not generally of importance. A default value is generated by the system automatically. You may wish to override this value to have a “nicer” name if the field concerned is part of a calculation or if you are exporting the data to another system.


Reporting details for a section
Suppress heading from report If you don’t wish the section heading to be shown on the final report, please check this box. NB the questions are not suppressed, only the heading.
Show on report and web site only Tick this box if you don't wish this section to appear on the mobile device. There may be customer information or long tracts of text that are required for the report and web site that are too sensitive or would clutter up the device unnecessarily.
Suppress from report Tick this box to suppress this section from the report if the entire section is for internal use only.

Display conditions (advanced)

Display conditions for a Section.

These prompts are advanced options which allow the section to be linked to an answer given to a question - eg if "other" has been selected from a drop down list or "no" to whether a service was deemed acceptable.  Please refer to your Boris expert for more information.

Only show section when the following condition is true (1) Enter a conditional statement that affects whether the input item is displayed on the device such as whether a previous answer has been yes or no.
Only show when the following condition is true (2) Enter a conditional statement that affects whether the input item is displayed on the device such as whether a previous answer has been yes or no.
Record results when section isn't displayed Tick this box if you wish results to be recorded when section isn't displayed.


Sometimes it is useful to be able to repeat a set of questions. For instance, if normal practice is for there to be only one refrigeration unit but sometimes there are several it would be unnecessary use of space to put numerous questions but the user of the device can repeat the section if it is necessary. However a section cannot be repeated if it contains repeating items - ie. you can either have items able to repeat or the full section able to repeat but not both.
Allow section to be repeated multiple times This option allows you to specify that all of the items in the section can be repeated.
Text on button for adding section For repeating sections, enter the text that will be shown on the button allowing new sections to be added.

Rearrange sections

Click on the 'Rearrange sections' link at the bottom right of the screen. This will display the list of sections in their current order. Drag 'n' drop the page names until they are in the required order.
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