Visit Boris website Setting up your seal types, productivity, pricing and measure work information

With Boris you can specify your own seal types and the associated pricing and productivity details that go with them.

 A seal type will have the following information:

For each project/job the seal type will have:

The productivity, pricing and measure work information is held as a "matrix". This will probably be very similar to your existing bill of rates.

Any number of matrices can be held on the system.

For each project/job, and for each of productivity, pricing and measurework you choose:

Step by step

Setting up your seal, pricing and productivity information takes a little bit of thought but, once set up, provides a very powerful and flexible system. Our suggested approach is:
  1. Set up your seal types list.
  2. Create a standard pricing matrix.
  3. Create a standard productivity matrix.
  4. Create a standard measure work matrix.
  5. Create a new customer and project.
  6. Create a new operative and allocate them some work on the project.
  7. Add in more projects, matrices etc., paying some consideration to customising your seal type list.



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