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Running custom code on the device allows the running of a custom program when a form is released on the Device.  Please refer to Boris support for further help.


Main screen for this action

A descriptive text to identify this action

*Assembly and class The assembly and class name containing the custom code in the standard format. For example, MyFileName,MyClass.ClassName.  Please refer to Boris support for further help.
*Method name The method name to run. For example, UpdateMyBitsAndPieces.  Please refer to Boris support for further help.

Conditions (advanced)

Specify a condition under which this action will be executed.
Condition (1) If you wish to only run an action in a particular situation then you can use these conditions to specify them. The action will only occur if both conditions are satisfied. Typical uses are to only run an action if a particular answer has been given to one of the answers on the template. See Concepts-Conditions
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