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Welcome to the Reports menu for Boris.

This is the first screen you will see on opening Boris and, along with the Jobs Menu, will be important to your everyday work whether your reports are produced for your customers or for internal use only.

Reports are available to all users, although users with a 'customer' status can only view Released reports.

As you can see to the right, it is possible to filter report lists using drop down-lists. By default these are date, customer, location, template name and user, but can be customised in the template - see Report lists in the Template paramenters help for further details.

The menu contains the following options.

Incomplete reports

Allows a user to view any reports that they have created but which have not had all mandatory information completed.

For more information on this menu, visit the Incomplete reports help.

Complete reports

Allows an administrator to view any reports that have been completed but which are waiting to be “released” to the customer.

For more information on this menu, visit the Complete reports help.

Released reports

Allows a customer to view any reports that have been released to them. No editing of released reports is possible. An option exists to generate a PDF version of the report.

For more information on this menu, visit the Released reports help.

Supplementary statuses

Supplementary statuses are bespoke statuses that are applied to a job or report's lifecycle and give greater detail that the main statuses above.  To the right are some examples of these statuses.

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