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Output to PDF file creates a PDF version of the completed template and makes it available on the server webpage.  Detailed parameters are explained below.


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*Output directory Enter the folder name relative to the root output directory of your system as defined in the configuration file.  Typically this folder will be called ‘XML files’ or 'PDF files' and each form will be saved under a date and time stamp in this folder.  For more information see the document Interfacing external systems to Boris.pdf.

Report processing variables can be very useful here as Boris outputs the PDF with a GUID filename which is meaningless to a human reader (like photo names on a camera). Therefore the name of the output directory is important, for example for a main folder and, maybe, for a subfolder.

Clever use of unique names in naming a directory can make documents even easier to find. For example, a field with a unique name of PASSFAIL could be used in a directory name as CORE PRODUCT NAMECORE PRODUCT NAME%% expert.
HTTP request body This will be very different in different circumstances and probably needs to defined at the implementation stage. It can contain standard variables and may contain the data entered on the form.
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