Visit Boris website Introduction to the menu system

The main menus with Boris provide a good starting point for understanding the main modules and features of the sofware. Upon logging in, an administrator will see a set of menus:

Setup Contains options to set up customer and projects on the system, along with users, forms and general settings.
General General work and reports recorded by the operatives and sent back the office.
Jobs Outstanding and unallocated jobs entered onto the system.
Timesheets Operative timesheets and associated reports
Works Standard works send back by operatives (eg. contract work, variations and surveys).
H&S Induction and method statement acceptances.
Quality Quality checks and completed handover documents.
Tech Engineering judgements requested by operatives.
Ops Operative clock cards, overtime and driving submissions.
Downloads Links and instructions for device software.
The actual menu names within your Boris system may have been customised in accordance with your preferences and work processes. This guide covers the default system.



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Menus, prompts, fields and options are from a typical installation - some items may not appear as shown. Please contact Boris support for information on additional features.