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Welcome to the guide to setting up and using Boris

This guide is intended for administrators setting up and maintaining Boris.  There is help with creating, amending and maintaining templates for forms and their associated items.  There are step-by-step 'how-to' guides and FAQs that which are updated from real questions.

Further help is available for day-to-day administrative tasks such as scheduling job and processing completed forms, or reports.  Refer to 'see also' links and explore the table of contents for a greater knowledge of Boris's capabilities and use this to enhance workflow and devise solutions to issues that may arise.  This will be of particular help to system architects and evaluators seeking to maximise the potential of Boris.

Help pages aim to be consistent for comfortable browsing. Click on thumbnails to look at more detailed pictures, and be aware that pictures may look different on desktops, phones, tablet or PDA.  Links to related topics are within the text and in the 'see also' list at the bottom of each page.  A glossary will explain any unfamiliar words.

An overview of Boris

Boris is a powerful application for collecting and managing data sent to and from a mobile workforce.  Central to the application is the ability to design forms for use on mobile devices, and to view and process them on completion.  Many additional features include planning and dispatching jobs to mobile devices; releasing authorised forms to customers; interfacing with external systems such as Sage, and costing matrices.  

Boris has 3 main components:

A website and database held on a server to which completed forms are returned for viewing by office staff and/or customers. The web site also allows the general administration of the system: creation of customers and locations; creation of users; creation of the device form templates; dispatch of jobs etc. The server component can either be run by Boris customers “in house” (Boris Enterprise Edition) or is can be run from a data centre server maintained by Cadence (Boris Hosted Edition) – the functionality of the software is the same in both cases and it would not really be apparent to an end user which version they were using. The choice is a matter of commercial consideration and customer preference.
The device software, installed on a user’s phone, tablet, PDA, laptop or desktop. In general this allows a mobile user to view and complete any jobs sent to them from the office (their “work list”) and/or complete ad hoc forms that they initiate themselves.
A server-based “workflow” component which runs automated tasks based on completed forms and allows interfacing with external systems. Automated actions include the sending of e-mails to office staff or customers, the output of programmer-friendly XML files and the pricing of work. This component is not accessed by users, it runs “behind the scenes”.
Using Boris

Boris can be customised to meet your exact needs using the Setup/Maintenance Menu.   Work can then be allocated using the Jobs Menu, or can be triggered as an adhoc form.  Once completed on the device, the results can be viewed in the Reports Menu.

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