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The planner option shows a consolidated calendar view of both unallocated and outstanding jobs. Days are shown from left to right and operatives vertically.

The jobs shown here are the same ones as appear in jobs lists but in a drag-n-drop environment.

Most adminstrators use the Job Planner in preference to the Schedule and the roles are very similar.

Dates in view

The planner shows a week at a time. The arrows to the top left move backwards and forwards through the weeks and the down arrow brings up a calendar to select a specific date (the whole week will be shown). It is also possible to click 'Today' to return to the current date.

Users in view

All users are displayed in the first column of the planner - that is to say all users with a role of 'user' rather than 'customer' or 'administrator'. If you do not see a user you expected to see, check whether that you are looking for firstname secondname and then check Users in Setup/Maintenance to see what role they have been allocated.

Jobs in view

Allocated jobs appear in the row with the allocated user's name in it and in the column for headed by the allocated date. Click on a job to view/amend the job details.

Unallocated jobs appear in the lefthand pane - they may have been allocated a user but not a date, or a date but not a user, or neither a date nor a user. Click on one of these jobs to view/amend the job details.

Drag 'n' drop

Drag a job from the lefthand pane into the required date/time slot on the calendar. Use the 'handles' on the job to expand the allotted duration of the job.
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