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Add an item to a page

Add an item to a page

Page items are created by clicking the 'Add item' button.

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How job definitions affect device users

How job definitions affect device users


*Description A descriptive text to identify this item
*Item type Select the item type you wish to include
Text Normal text box, single or multi-line with adaptable width.
List Drop-down list - make sure that the required list is also selected in the next prompt.
Date Date entry field.
Table If this item is selected, it is essential that the details in the table tabs are also completed.
Customer-wide contact Select this for a list of these contacts.
Location contact Select this for a list of these contacts.
Customer-wide and location contact Select this for a list of both of these types of contacts.
Customer-wide contact (alternate customer) Select this item to allow use of the alternative customer scheme.
Phone number Select this item to add a free text phone number to the job.  This can be used to dial out from a suitable device.
Customer Select this item to add a prompt for alternative customer.
Auto-generated value/number Generates a value (usually job number) which can be amended/overwritten by administrator.
Display-only information (not saved) This is where ‘office notes’ would be displayed.  Specify by  using the  Format/value of auto-generated item prompt under the Advanced tab.  Other attributes can also be output using Standard attribute variables.
List name Select a list from the drop-down list. For more information on creating lists click here

Tick this box if the question is mandatory and leave it blank if it is optional.  This will depend on whether the answer to this question is critical to the data that is being collected, such as signature to confirm customer acceptance.

Full screen width?

This option is usually used in conjunction with multi-line text boxes, giving the user a full-width long text box in which to enter information. This value overrides any formatting set for the section.

Clear during batch entry? If a 'Save and add new button' is enabled a series of jobs can be added quickly.  Under normal circumstances the main job data (Customer, Location, etc) is carried between jobs.  Any items that have this box ticked will be cleared between jobs.  For example, customer, location, date, etc may stay the same for a number of jobs, along with a description of 'Annual service' and 'Machine type' but the Machine Number will be different.
Other tabs Click on a link below to find out what parameters are on the different tabs.
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