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A list of job definitions

A list of job definitions

Amend a job definition by clicking on the an existing one. This may have only just been created with the 'Add definition' button or it may have been in use for sometime. Remember that you can duplicate job definitions if you have similar ones so that you only have to change one or two things.

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How job definitions affect device users

How job definitions affect device users


Amend a Job definition.

Amend a Job definition.

*Description A descriptive text to identify this item
Version Enter free text to identify historical changes.  This does not trigger any additional saved copies and is purely for information.
Display name Enter a free text alternative name for the job.  Whilst the description might be quite wordy, this could be a shorter version to appear on buttons.
Display name plural Enter free text to display when multiple jobs are initiated as computers do not always cope with the vagaries of the English language.  For example, adding an 's' to the job definition of ‘delivery’ would clearly be incorrect so indicating a plural of ‘deliveries’ would ensure that reports made sense.
*Associated template Select an existing template from this drop-down list. For more information on creating templates, click here.
Form for start of day Select the form from the list if a job requires it to be filled in at the start of every day.  This might be a Health & Saftey checklist or an equipment requisition order.
Keep job open on device

Tick this job if the job is to be kept open until an administrator specifically closes it.  This enables further forms to be added to the job or for it to remain open until a response has been received from the customer.

This is usually left un-ticked as most jobs are closed when all forms have been completed on the device.  

Don't automatically move to next form in workflow If a new form has been triggered by data entered on an existing form, Boris opens it straightaway, interrupting the flow of the original form.  Tick this box to wait until the user is ready to manually open it.
Only automatcially use the start of day Tick this box to bypass the associated template, allowing the user to select the most appropriate template themselves from a list set up in the Additional forms tab. The start of day form (designated above) will still be used, but this enables a user use their own judgement.
Don't add messages to event log Tick this box to prevent audit trail from running for this job definition.  Audit trail is a bespoke option.

Job definition - further parameters

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