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Status update attached to a particular part of the job's lifecycle enables it to move through unnecessary stages.

Sub-job details

Details of the sub-job to be started.

A descriptive text to identify this action

*Text on button

Free text to appear on the button that will trigger this action.

*Apply action to jobs of status
  • Outstanding - a job that has exceeded its completion date
  • Unallocated - a job that has not yet been allocated to a user (eg. engineer, auditor, surveyor)
  • Work complete - a job that has been marked as complete, either manually or automatically (see Template actions)
  • Cancelled/closed - a job that is no longer current
Status to update to

Select the supplementary status to which this job is to be sent by this action.  Supplementary statuses are bespoke items but are likely to be 'awaiting customer response', 'invoiced', 'awaiting payment', 'awaiting parts', 'in transit', etc.

Apply update to any sub-jobs Tick this box to update the statuses of any sub-jobs that you have attached to this job definition.
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