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The Incomplete reports list in Boris allows a user to view any reports that they have created but which have not had all mandatory information completed.

It is possible to filter report lists using the drop down-lists positioned at the top of each column. By default these columns contain date, customer, location, template name and user, but can be customised in the template - see Report lists in the Template paramenters help for further details.

Click on a report to View and edit full report results. Find out more about viewing and editing reports.

Right-click on a report to bring up the context menu which will offer the options listed below.


This option deletes the report. You will be asked to confirm but once you have agreed you will not be able to recover the report.

Change customer

Select the required customer and location from the drop-down lists. The location list is dependent on the customer selected. Find out more about customer lists.

Change location

Select the required location from the drop-down list. The items in the list are dependent on the current customer. Find out more about location lists.

Change date

Click on the calender icon next to the date prompt to bring up the calendar and select the required date.

Change user

Select the required user from the drop-down list. Find out more about user lists.

Change template

Select the required template from the drop-down list, bearing in mind that changing a form template after the form has been completed is a very dangerous undertaking and should only be done in extreme circumstances and in the knowledge that problems may ensue. Find out more about templates.

Create job

The option allows a follow-up job to be created and allocated to a particular user.
*Date Click on the icon to show the calendar to select a date.
*User Select a user from the drop-down list to whom the job is to be allocated. Find out more about user lists.
*Job type Select a Job definition from the drop-down list. Find out more about job definitions.

Select the required transformation from the drop-down list.  This is a bespoke item and must have already been created by Boris support to appear in this list.



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