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Within Boris, productivity is calculated from the amount of time spent installing seals in comparison to the expected time for seals with the given types and dimensions. For each project you set the productivity rates that you will be using. Each time a seal is completed by an operative, will calculate the expected installation time, based on the type of seal and its dimensions.

Productivity information is imported into Boris using Excel spreadsheets. These contain a list of your seal types, along with measurement values and associated expected durations (in minutes).

You can set up any number of productivity matrices, but before importing a new one you should give some consideration as to whether you can use an existing matrix along with a Productivity multiplier.


Step by step

  1. Choose the Setup, Productivity Matrices menu option.
  2. Click on Add Matrix.
  3. Enter a description or name for the matrix. For example, Standard Productivity; Contract E245.
  4. Click on Import matrix - a pop up window will be shown.
  5. Click on Select, browse for your pricing spreadsheet and click Open.
  6. When the file has uploaded and the mouse pointer returns to normal, click on Save.
  7. Click on Save within the main popup window. The spreadsheet that you are importing will be validated to check that the information is in the correct format and that the various seal types are set up on the system. In the event that there is a problem with the spreadsheet, a message will be displayed. If this happens, correct your spreadsheet and try again.



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