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Groups are a way of defining which users can view the information of which customers. To the right is an example in which auditors in the Northern Area Auditors group can create or view reports for Metro Council and Shellton Hotels. A separate group, Shellton Hotel Users, exists for employees of Shellton Hotel to login and view their own reports.

Groups are used within Boris to grant a user access to one or more customers. A group will be associated with a set of customers, and a user will be a member of one or more groups. In this way the user has access to the specified customers and is only able to complete forms for those customers.

Users and customers can be associated with any number of groups.

Groups usually apply to users with a “User” role but not to customer logins as they tend to be set up specifically for a single customer.

Groups can also be used in the allocation of jobs (eg. allocate a job to be picked up by any user in a particular group, or allocate a job to go to every user in a group).

The restriction of the graphical planner to only show a subset of users is achieved through groups (eg. the “South West” planner might include engineers in a group called “South West” whereas the “North West” planner might include a totally different set of users working in the North West. Engineers moving between the two areas would be in both groups and would appear on both planners).

Groups offer powerful flexibility within Boris, but in straightforward cases it’s possible to automate the allocation of customers and users to groups, usually with just one “Standard” group.Adding a customer by clicking on the add customer button offers a list of customer names to chose from, clicking add all customers does exactly that and Add Group gives a single prompt pop-up box in which to enter a meaningful name.

It really is that simple - Boris does all the rest of the work!
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