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Device workflow allows a further form to be sent for completion on the device, conditional on whether the state of the original form is completed or not. This is a useful tool for the circumstance where, for instance, an engineer might find that the job they have been scheduled to do requires further parts - they can flag the job as incomplete, prompting the creation of a Parts Request Form and, on receipt of the parts, can continue and complete the form, prompting a Job Sign-off Form.

With careful forethought this is a powerful action which can guide the mobile device user through complicated paperwork.


Main screen for this action

A descriptive text to identify this action

Next form in workflow for completed jobs Select an appropriate form from the list of available templates that appear in the drop-down box.  In order to appear in this list the forms need to have already been created.
Next form in workflow for incomplete jobs Select an appropriate form from the list of available templates that appear in the drop-down box. In order to appear in this list the forms need to have already been created.
Don't create new form if a copy of the form already exists Tick this box to avoid duplicating forms unnecessarily.

Workflow items

Unique name of item to keep for workflow Enter the unique names of items that you wish to transfer from the current form to the new one.  Report processing variables can be used here.


Condition (1) If you wish to only run an action in a particular situation then you can use these conditions to specify them. The action will only occur if both conditions are satisfied. Typical uses are to only run an action if a particular answer has been given to one of the answers on the template. See Concepts-Conditions
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