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Device update customer flag enables special customer data to be updated dependent on pre-defined conditions.


Main screen for this action

A descriptive text to identify this action

Condition (1) If you wish to only run an action in a particular situation then you can use these conditions to specify them. The action will only occur if both conditions are satisfied. Typical uses are to only run an action if a particular answer has been given to one of the answers on the template. See Concepts-Conditions
Name of flag

Attribute name as supplied by Boris support.

Value of flag Appropriate value to assign to the flag when the conditions above are met - eg if customer is spending over £200 the percentage discount flag may be set to 10. Ensure that this value is in the correct format for the data you expect to be held - ie if the flag expects a 'yes/no' response, do not enter numbers at this point.
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