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After logging in to your device

After logging in to your device

The Device menu gives you options for using your device.

New Form

Create a new form. This will be an 'ad hoc' report rather than part of a job allocated by the office or generated as a follow-up to a previous visit.

Edit form

Edit a form that has not yet been completed.  You will be able to select from a list, so it is useful to have clearly identified any similar ones.

Send Reports

Send back any completed forms and attachments.  This is very useful when you have been without connectivity for any length of time and wish to be sure that your reports are being sent back, whether they are automatic or manual.

Receive Updates

Receive any changes or jobs allocated to you.  Use this option to refresh your work list and also to receive any changes to set-up items from the office, such as templates for the forms you are using, list items (eg. parts) or customer details (eg correcting a post code)

Work List

View and complete any jobs allocated to you.  This is where you will mainly work (unless creating ad hoc forms as above) as it will contain the jobs allocated to you by your office. 



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