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Available to: Administrators and Auditors

Device software

Outlines the process for downloading and installing the Device software on a device.

Device settings

The device settings screen allows installation software to be configured and generated for your implementation of Boris. This always involves changing the server’s IP address from ‘yourservername’ to a real value. It also allows customisation of the Device application name.


NB. If you edit device settings then you will need to generate a new cab file which will contain these settings.




Edit or view details for a row

Add IP Address

Creates settings for a new IP address that can be used when connecting from the Device. Each IP address will be associated with a descriptive name and the full URL needed to connect to the Boris web site. Multiple IP addresses (or server names) may be specified – these will be tried in turn in order to establish a connection from the device to the Boris server.

Re-build Device cab files

Uses the settings shown to generate new .cab files for installing the Boris software on a Device. There is a separate cab file for each supported version of Windows Mobile (ie. 2003, Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6). To download the new software, use the links shown on the Device software screen.

Right click on IP Address - Delete

Deletes an IP address from the list. Note that at least one address must be specified.



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