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You can use Boris, to create summary forms containing information that has been input on other forms. These summaries can be built up during a day, week or on an on-going basis.

The summaries can also be related to just the work for a particular customer or location, or they can contain information for all customers.

A couple of examples:


To set up a summary form the following steps are required:

Creating the summary form

The main part of the summary form is a “table”. Each “source” form adding to the summary will create one row in the table. In Boris you can have up to 5 columns in a table row, so you need to design your summary form with this in mind.

The first task is to create a standard Boris template for the summary form; it’s the same as any other form.

For example (this relates to example b above) this form is a daily summary, for a particular customer and location, of all “seals” performed by an operative:



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