Visit Boris website Creating a new seal type
  1. Choose the Setup, Lists menu option.
  2. Click on the List Entries link alongside the Seal Type list.
  3. Click on Add Item.
  4. Complete the details for the seal type:
    Item Description Tab name
    Text The name of the seal type. List Entry
    Associated numeric value/score

    Leave as default.

    List Entry
    Cascading child list

    Leave as default.

    List Entry
    Measurement type for pricing/productivity Choose the method used to calculate the seal price and productivity. Options are:
    By diameter (largest of X and Y) When the X and Y values are entered for the seal measurement, the system will take the largest of these values and treat it as the seal's diameter. Hence only the largest of the X and Y values is used, the other value will be discarded.
    By item The X and Y values will be ignored, the calculation will simply apply a flat-rate price or productivity value to the seal.
    By metre The X value will be rounded up to the nearest metre, the Y value will determine the per metre value to be used. Due to the rounding up, a 2.5 metre seal would be treated as though it was 3 metres. Hence this option treats each part of a metre as though it was a full metre.
    By metre (linear - largest value is length) The per metre value is determined from the smallest of the X and Y values. The length itself is the largest of the two. Note that no rounding up or down is used, hence a 2.5m seal will be treated as 2.5 times the per metre value. Hence this option treats each part of a metre pro rata.
    By square metre The X and Y values are multiplied together to give an area measurement. This measurement is used directly in the calculation.
    Additional Attributes
  5. Click on Save.



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