Visit Boris website Setting up a customer on the system
  1. Login to Boris with the username and password you have been given.
  2. Choose the Setup/Maintenance menu and select the Customers option.
  3. Click on Add Customer (full details on adding customers here).
  4. Complete the details for the new customer:
    Customer name The name of the customer.
    Address The main address for the customer (usually the head office). This is used when some PDF documents are e-mailed by the system.
  5. Click on Save. The new customer will be shown in the list of customers.
  6. Click on the new customer.
  7. Under the Templates branch, use Add Template to select any templates/forms which are likely to be used for the new customer.
  8. Under the Customer Documents branch, use Add Document to add in any PDF documents that you wish to make available for operatives on their devices.
  9. Under the Customer Contacts branch, use Add Customer-wide Contact to add in any "head office" type contacts for this customer. These may be people whose details you want to be available to operatives on their devices and/or they may be people who you wish the system to e-mail reports to.
  10. Choose the Setup, Groups menu option.
  11. Click on Add Customer underneath the Operatives group.
  12. Select your new customer and click on Save.



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