Visit Boris website Creating a custom seal type list

Within Boris there is a "master" list of seals called Seal Types. Every seal type used on the system must be in this list. By default, when an operative is booking in a seal they will choose from this list. Over time, the list may grow to be quite large as specialist seal types are added for particular jobs.

To make seal booking easier for operatives, and to reduce the likelihood of errors when choosing seal types, it is possible to set up lists of seal types for particular projects. These are called Custom Seal Type Lists. You may know in advance that a given project will only ever use a partcicular type of seal, or maybe a handful of seal types. In that case, create a Custom Seal Type List containing these seal types.

Note that all seal types need to be in the master list.


  1. Ensure that all seal types are set up in the master Seal Types list. See Setting up your seal types, productivity, pricing and measure work information.


  1. Choose the Setup, Lists menu option.
  2. Click on Add List.
  3. Type in the name for your new list. This may be a job-specific name (eg. Seal Types for Building X) or it may be something more general purpose (eg. Seal Types - Standard Jobs).
  4. Click on Save - the new list will be added.
  5. Click on the List Entries option alongside your new list name.
  6. For each seal type for this new list:
    1. Click on Add Item.
    2. Type in the name of the seal type. NB. This must be a seal type that already exists in the master Seal Types list and it must be spelled in exactly the same way.
    click on Save.



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