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Summary forms in Boris take specific information that has been input from other forms and present it in a summarised format.  This means that a device user can collect on-site or work-related data with details, supporting evidence, signatures, etc that can be output in a report, such as an invoice or timesheet, as just one item amongst many.

Summaries can be built up during a day, week or on an on-going basis.
Summaries can be related to just the work for a particular customer or location, or they can contain information for all customers.
The source form will be constructed and used in the same way as any other form on the device, and may well output a report of its own.  The types of data input can be specific to the job's requirements.
Different source forms can contribute to the same summary form.  Empty columns can be utilised to format the report as desired.
For example
  • An engineer completes a job sheet for each job completed during the week. Each completed job sheet creates an entry in a weekly summary containing customer and location, date, job number and hours worked. The weekly summary acts as their timesheet for that week.
  • An operative completes a worksheet for each task they perform on site. Summary details of the worksheet are added to a daily summary form. This form is then used as a sign-off document for the client.
Summary forms are set up by
  • Creating a summary form, based around a table of summary information
  • Creating one or more “source” forms. When completed, a source form feeding into the summary, contributing one row to the summary table
  • Creating an “action” on the source form defining which type of summary form is required and which items from the completed form get added to the summary table
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