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PDF formats – reports

Whenever Boris generates a PDF document for a report it uses a specified PDF format. These formats define the general layout and rules for PDF document generation.
Standard formats are included in Boris at implementation and can be used with any template. Using simple layout rules, each of these formats creates a general purpose PDF designed to cover most needs.
If the PDF formats shipped with Boris are not suited to your needs, bespoke formats can be created - contact Boris support for more information.
The formats that ship with Boris are:
  1. Standard - this consists of a front page showing the customer, location, template name and date together with your own logo and basic text as maintained in the PDF settings option. The sections within the template are laid out in a simple way.
  2. Standard - no Front Sheet - this is the same as the Standard format but with no front sheet. The details from the front sheet are displayed in the footer.
  3. Standard - compact - this is the same as 'Standard - no Front Sheet' format but with a more compact layout.

PDF generation – reports

Any form completed on Boris can be output as a PDF document using one of the following methods.

Manually when viewing a report on the web site.

Buttons at the end of the report details can be clicked to create a PDF document, followed by options to open or save it. By default a single button offers a 'Standard' format PDF, but a choice of formats can be set up in template maintenance.

Automatically as an attachment to an e-mail configured as a “E-mail PDF report” template action.

This will generate an e-mail to specified recipients, attaching the PDF in a format specified within the template action. If no format is specified then the default format for the template is used. This action can be set as conditional, meaning that not all reports have to be treated in this way - maybe only particular customers will be sent automatic PDFs. For full details see the template action.

Automatically on the network as the result of an “Output PDF document” template action.

This generates a PDF document and saves it on the Boris server or on a network connection accessible from the server.

  • The default root folder for such documents is a system-wide setting and is, by default, a folder under the Boris installation.
  • This action can be set as conditional, meaning that not all reports have to be treated in this way - maybe only particular customers will have PDFs generated.
  • This option can be used to build up a folder of PDFs over time which may then be copied to a memory stick or DVD. For full details see the template action.

Manually from within a report list screen within the web site.

A PDF link shown alongside the usual details in a report list can be clicked to save or open the PDF in the default format for the associated template. This saves time as you don’t need to click into the report details in order to generate the PDF.  This is a bespoke option - contact Boris support for more details. 

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