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Groups are used within Boris to grant a user access to one or more customers. A group will be associated with a set of customers, and a user will be a member of one or more groups. In this way the user has access to the specified customers and is only able to complete forms for those customers.

Users and customers can be associated with any number of groups.

Groups usually apply to users with a “User” role but not to customer logins as they tend to be set up specifically for a single customer.

Groups can also be used in the allocation of jobs (eg. allocate a job to be picked up by any user in a particular group, or allocate a job to go to every user in a group).

The restriction of the graphical planner to only show a subset of users is achieved through groups (eg. the “South West” planner might include engineers in a group called “South West” whereas the “North West” planner might include a totally different set of users working in the North West. Engineers moving between the two areas would be in both groups and would appear on both planners).

Groups offer powerful flexibility within Boris, but in straightforward cases it’s possible to automate the allocation of customers and users to groups, usually with just one “Standard” group.

A list can be created to hold groups of locations that reflect the organisation of customers. These may be regions (such as South West, North East), counties (Sussex, Norfolk, etc), countries (UK, Ireland, Holland) or any other location grouping required. These groups can be allocated to users so that, for instance, the Regional Manager for your customer can access reports in their regionwithout being associated with every individual location. See Users and Create list for more information.

Select the location group from the drop down list to include this location in that group, thereby making it available to any users (customers) associated with the same group.

NB in order to appear here, the list MUST be called Location groups.


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