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Exporting form data to Word documents saves time-consuming manual data input and maintains the integrity of the text of numerous standard forms.  Within the three categories of export (to Excel, Word and Access) there are many options that can be configured behind the scenes. Currently this has to be done by Boris support.

A Word document is created from a single form that has been completed (usually) on a device.
An option on the administrator's website is used to manually trigger the creation of a Word document.
Word documents are created using a combination of Microsoft Word’s mail merge facility and bespoke programming to generate content in a more complex fashion. 

In many cases Word's mail merge functionality will be perfectly adequate - inserting values from a form in place of a mail merge placeholder contained within the document.  However if you have a complicated structure such as a fire risk assessment document with many sections following complex formatting rules then you will almost certainly need programming assistance.
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