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Exporting form data to Excel spreadsheets saves time-consuming manual data input.  Within the three categories of export (to Excel, Word and Access) there are many options that can be configured behind the scenes. Currently this has to be done by Boris support.

There are two ways to export form data to Excel:

An individual form populating a pre-defined Excel spreadsheet.
  • One spreadsheet will contain the values for one form so if 10 forms are completed in a day, 10 spreadsheets will be created.
  • A spreadsheet is created containing unchanging items (such as logos and fixed text) and formatted as required.  A number of placeholders or blanks are included to be filled in with values from the completed Boris form.
  • Typically the Excel template will be similar to the template in Boris. 
  • For example, a spreadsheet needs to be populated by a number of readings taken during a site visit.  The spreadsheet has a company logo at the top along with the customer site and visit date in the heading and then a series of labels, eg Reading 1, Reading 2, etc.  The cells for the reading values would contain specially defined Boris formulae to indicate which value should be put into that cell.
  • Such spreadsheets can either be generated manually from within a completed form or they can be generated and emailed via a Template Action
A summary spreadsheet.
  • Data from one or more completed forms are used to create a single spreadsheet with the values from each form creating one line in the spreadsheet.
  • The spreadsheet can be in a general system default format in which case all of the items in the template are output along with other internal information such as date/time of form creation, form release and status.
  • Or the data for each column can be defined in a skeleton Excel spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet can be further formatted with logos and an appropriate layout and style.
  • Summary spreadsheets cannot be created or emailed automatically but are available on the website either when one or more forms have been selected or through an option to generate a spreadsheet for ALL forms in the current filter.
  • Spreadsheets can contain photos with pre-defined sizes or resolutions, signatures and pricing information as well as simple form data.
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