Visit Boris website Allocating work to operatives

Through the Scheduled Work option on their device, operatives can record work that has been allocated to them by the office. 

The following checklist guides you through all of the steps needed to allocate work to an operative.



  1. Login to Boris with the username and password you have been given.
  2. Choose the Jobs, Outstanding Jobs menu option.
  3. Click on Add Job
  4. Complete the details for the job:
    Customer The customer for this project.
    Location The location/project
    User The user to allocated the job to.
    Start date The start date for the job.
    Projected end date The projected end date of the job. The job only needs to be allocated to the operative once, it will then stay open until manually closed or deleted in the office.
    Notes Any general notes you wish to send to the operative with this job.
    Attachments You may add one or more PDF documents to this job for this operative, and they will be available on the device for the operative to view. In general though, you would add documents (eg. method statements, site plans) at the location/project level, making them available for all operatives on all jobs at that site.
  5. Click on Save.



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